I have enjoyed working with Rich for the last couple of years. I feel he carries himself with the utmost integrity in what he says and follows through with. He takes great pride in every project he completes.

For Rich, it’s not about putting as much Solar PV on ones roof in order to make the money. He really tries to look at the entire picture of energy consumption, and gives less expensive energy saving ideas to the homeowner, before Solar is added.

Rich is also my go-to person when I need questions answered about Energy Efficiency products and also Thermal Solar. From Heat Pumps to Radiant Barriers, he knows his stuff.

Rich is dedicated to saving his customers money, by increasing the efficiency of the house, and using the Sun’s energy to end the dependence of fossil fuels. He finds great satisfaction knowing that his labor of love ultimately makes it a better place for all of us to live.

Jack Tuttle

The Best experience ever.

I have been a home owner for over 20 years and have used many contractors during that time, but none stood out like Spectrum Solar Energy Heating and Cooling. Our air conditioner quit working and we had originally called another company for an afterhours repair. The technician that came out advised us that the compressor was shot and recommended replacing the system do to the age of the unit.
 When I went to work the next day a coworker had used Spectrum Solar Energy recently. He said he was very happy with their service and that I should give them a call. The sales rep. that came out was very nice and professional. He presented us with three different options. The first option he gave me was to replace the system with as little money as possible. The second option that he presented was a little more expensive but it would reduce my energy consumption by enough to pay for itself. The third package he presented was a solar air conditioning package. In this package the cost of running our air conditioning would be offset with solar.
 We chose to go with the Solair package. When our air conditioner broke we were a bit concerned with all the money we were going to have to put out. Instead we ended up with a financed package that not only gave us a low monthly payment, but we also ended up with a package that we will never pay to cool our house again. The installation crew was clean and very friendly. This was the best experience that I have ever had using a contractor.

Thank you Spectrum Solar Energy for your great service

Jack Peterson
Blackhawk, California

Jack Peterson

I don’t normally take the extra time to wright recommendations, but after my recent experience with my air conditioning. I felt that everyone should know about Spectrum Heating and Cooling. I was told by another company that my air conditioner needed replacing. I really couldn’t afford to do that on my retired little old lady’s budget. So I decided to get another opinion and get some prices and see what my options were replace my air conditioner. The service guy that came out found a pressure switch that needed to be reset and a very dirty unit. He told me that all we needed was to clean the coil, and reset the pressure switch. The reason why the pressure switch had popped was due to no air flow across the coil he explained. I had him do the cleaning and now everything is working fine. I don’t know if the last company was trying to make more money of me or if he just didn’t know what he was doing, but I found Spectrum Solar Energy to be trustworthy and knowledgeable at what they do. Not only were they honest but I also got a senior discount.
Thank you
Maryann Denning

Maryann Denning

Dear prospective solar electric customer,

Of the several solar PV contractors we interviewed, Rich’s proposal was the most accurate. His knowledge has proven to be extensive and very reliable. He and his company (Spectrum Solar Energy) completed our installation on schedule and has stood behind their work. His follow-up response to any questions or issues has been prompt and appropriate. He is conscientious and has a nice sense of humor.
We like him.

The reason we picked Spectrum Homes Solar for our photovoltaic system was not because they offered the lowest cost of peak electric power, but because SHS had the best projection of our electric power needs and offered the highest quality components.

We also liked their ability to meet our schedule.

Now we have a chance to tell you how it all worked out.

Indeed they did meet schedule. We discovered that they lived up to all our hopes regarding the solar power system itself as well as the interface with PG&E. Ours is a ground mount system specified to withstand 110 mi/hr winds located on a ridge where the county requires structures to handle 90 mi/hr peak winds. We think our array was recently challenged with ~105 mi/hr winds and passed the test. Rich, from Spectrum Homes Solar, came over during the storm to ensure that his installation was secure. He even took erosion control measures on the spot as an added precaution. This kind of service is very rare.

We were not surprised to learn that the Contra Costa County building inspector remarked that ours was more like a first class industrial installation than a typical residential system.

We are very happy with our Spectrum Homes Solar PV system and highly recommend this company to anyone in the market for a solar electric array.

Ken and Mary Manes