Have gone up on average 6.5% per year, PG&E’s own data admits to 5.5% (PG& Some years we have experienced double that or more.

We have a choice.

Conserve your energy by changing consumption habits or converting your home to energy efficient solar alternatives. Generate your energy with solar electric and thermal solutions, or do nothing and pay more.

At Spectrum Solar Energy, we have made it easy for you to become cash flow positive with our energy saving services.

Stop being a slave to the power company.

Did you know that from an investor’s perspective, you can keep your money in the bank and get next to nothing for it, invest in a CD or money market and if you’re lucky get 2% return on investment, play the stock market and if you’re good maybe get 10% return on investment, or use solar energy and get a risk free 18% return on investment.

Energy saving solutions is the recommended choice for your home or commercial property.

Solar PV (Electric)

Installing solar products on your home is probably the most cost-effective measure you can do for your household.

In most cases you are cash flow positive on day one.

Why give your money away to the power company with no guarantee of what your next bill will be?

We are looking at a possible 40% increase in energy costs over the next five years. Wow!

That means a power bill today of $250 a month will be $350 five years from now.

Just imagine what that monthly bill will be in 10, 15, or even 20 years. That same $250 a month bill can be locked into a 20-year fixed loan payment for a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system at $135- $180 depending on your FICA score (minimum FICA score 650). Stop worrying about that power bill every month, and instead open an envelope with a lower loan payment that will never change.

Solar Thermal (Water Heating)

We also offer domestic solar water heating and swimming pool heating.

If you have an electric or propane water heater, solar thermal is the way to go to save money.

Maybe you just wish that your swimming pool was always a little bit warmer, or that you could use it for a longer season.

Spectrum Solar Energy will provide you the solutions.

Do you have solar thermal taking up your roof space and now feel that you can’t go solar electric? Spectrum Solar Energy has the solution!

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Sundrum Solar PV & Thermal Hybrid

Not only will this solar system heat the water for your home or business, but it will also increase the production of any solar photovoltaic system by removing the heat of the PV module. With state and federal rebates combined with your monthly savings, this system pays for itself.

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